An Artsy & Aesthetic Discord Bot • Fully packed Level and Economy System • Artist-first experience design • Welcomer • Server Manager

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Say hello to Annie.


The only perfectly-combined artsy & aesthetic discord bot you will ever find. Fully packed Leveling and Economy System to keep your members engaged to the server. Minimalist Welcomer and Server Management modules.

Why you should choose annie?

  • UI-first design.
    Are you a fan of non-distractive and minimalist design? great. Annie’s features have been built with aesthetics and minimalistic-style in mind to keep you focused doing things you love.

  • A Customizable Rank-roles System.
    A server without Ranks and EXP system is boring. Luckily Annie has provided you with a fully packed leveling system modules like Level Card, Levelup Card, Leaderboard Card and many others. All the commands are well-displayed in a beautiful GUI.

  • Unique Server Economy System, unlike any other.
    Annie has her own currency called as Artcoins. You will be able to gain artcoins through server’s chatting activity, dailies, vote and our newly-added quest system. All your hard-grinded artcoins are securely stored in your very own inventory.

  • Artquest, yes an art-quest.
    Say no more mainstream quest system. Annie provided you with her art-centric questing system that not only interactive, but also exercises your artistic-sense.

  • Constantly Developed.
    We have lot of things in our roadmap that we want to implement in the future version of Annie. We’ve been constantly updating it to enhance your <em>annie-experience</em> as great as possible!

Wants to get in touch or sharing feedback to improve Annie? have a visit to her Support Server!

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