A bot for programming/coding, pentesting and other science stuff like math and chemistry. Bitcoin and Wolfram Alpha are included.

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The bot that was developed for science!

Support server




  • Binary, ASCII, hex, octal, RGB conversions
  • QR encoder and decoder
  • String manipulations
  • Number conversions
  • Punycode
  • Morse code


  • File converter
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Website screenshots
  • Resizing, rotating, mirroring images and videos
  • Changing bitrate of videos, audios
  • JPEG EXIF extractor
  • Color visualization


Supported coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, XRP

  • Cryptocurrency price charts
  • Address checking
  • History of transactions, confirmations
  • Price, time, hashrate, difficulty and other information


  • Calculator with powerful capabilities
  • Equation solver
  • Derivatives, integrals, rationalization, simplification and more
  • Factorization and prime number calculator
  • WolframAlpha support
  • Plotting/graphing
  • LaTeX visualization


  • Planetary alignments finder
  • Solar system visualization (LIVE)
  • Planet culmination (highest on sky) finder
  • Lunar and solar eclipses finder
  • Planet position calculation
  • Time of rise, set of moon and sun calculator
  • Planet apsis calculator
  • Moon phase checker and next moon phase date calculator
  • Day and night map
  • Geocode and reverse geocode support (location to coords and backwards)
  • Timezone checker


  • DNS Maps and DNS checking
  • ASN, IP info
  • CVE database, virustotal uploader
  • NMAP port scanning
  • Ping, traceroute, whois


  • Chemical reaction solver and info
  • Chemical compound mass calculator
  • Chemical element info
  • Pubchem support


  • Disassembling X86
  • Assembling X86
  • Tiny C


  • MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and other hashes
  • MD5 and SHA1 decrypt search
  • XOR


  • Minesweeper mini-game
  • Unix, Discord ID (snowflake) decoder
  • Per channel command settings, customizable prefix
  • Command autofix
  • And more!

Check the command list: https://utix.dimden.dev/commands

>help - help message.
>commands - command list.

Few examples of Utix

Check out full list of commands and see everything Utix can do!