Kewl Sage's Botsona

this bot has a good few features, basic staff commands, join and leave messages, user and server information, and some silly things too, more to come!

Vote Votes: 4 Prefix: sage! Servers: 35 Uptime: 100%

Kewl Sage’s Botsona


Cringe name yeah? Not good with names. This bot now uses discord.js v12 and will be updated frequently. I am currently working on some music commands, not really going so well on that though.


Prefix is sage! and there is no space between that and the command

  • help

sage!help - displays list of commands, much like this.

  • funny stuff

sage!ricksay - like a common bot <em>say</em> command accept it’s a hyperlink to a certain video.

sage!owenwilson - sends an embed containing the famous quote “wow” and a picture of Owen Wilson.

  • Utilities

sage!userinfo - displays information about the mentioned user.

sage!serverinfo - displays information about the current server.

sage!rolelist - displays all the roles in the currnet server.

  • staff

sage!kick - kicks the mentioned user.

sage!ban - bans the mentioned member for a given reason.

there are more features not shown here RIGHT NOW, but there will be many more to come.