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Ro the Bot is the most diverse bot ever created! It’s features go from moderation to economy! It has a total of 9 categories! And a total of 62 commands!

The help menu can be accessed by using ,help This will show the category menu. To access a specific category, use ,help

Command list (<> means required, [] means optional.)

Category: bot

bugreport Description: Report a bug within the bot Usage: ,bugreport

invite Description: Invite me! Invite me! Usage: ,invite

stats Description: Shows the current bot information! Usage: ,stats

support Description: Do you need support? Join this server! Usage: ,support

uptime Description: See how long I have been online for! Usage: ,uptime

Category: economy

balance Description: See your balance! Usage: ,balance

deposit Description: Deposit money into your bank! Usage: ,deposit

giftmoney Description: Give your money to someone else! Usage: ,giftmoney

rob Description: Rob someone! Usage: ,rob

withdraw Description: Withdraw money from your bank! Usage: ,withdraw

work Description: Earn some money! Usage: ,work

Category: fun

8ball Description: Answers your question Usage: ,8ball

beep Description: boop! Usage: ,beep

cat Description: Get a cat pic! Usage: ,cat

coinflip Description: Flip a coin! Usage: ,coinflip

cowsay Description: Let mr cow speak! Usage: ,cowsay

dog Description: get a dog pic! Usage: ,dog

fart Description: fart Usage: ,fart

howgay Description: You are the most gay person on earth! Usage: ,howgay

meme Description: Everybody loves memes! Usage: ,meme

penis Description: how long is your penis Usage: ,penis

pizza Description: Order a pizza! Usage: ,pizza

pop Description: Pop a bubble wrap! Usage: ,pop

quiz Description: Take a quiz! Usage: ,quiz

roulette Description: Will you survive? Usage: ,roulette

rps Description: Rock… paper… scissors! I win! Usage: ,rps

slots Description: Win or lose! Usage: ,slots

smokeweed Description: Let me smoke weed everydayyyy! Usage: ,smokeweed

Category: informative

avatar Description: Shows your or someone elses avatar Usage: ,avatar [user]

help Description: Shows this menu Usage: ,help [categories/category/command]

mhelp Description: Get all the music commands! Usage: ,mhelp

ping Description: pong! Usage: ,ping

roleinfo Description: Get info about the tagged role or your highest role. Usage: ,roleinfo [role]

server Description: The wikipedia for this server. Usage: ,server

spotify Description: Find out what an user is listening to! Usage: ,spotify [user]

user Description: Get information about yourself or someone else! Usage: ,user [user]

weather Description: Check your weather! Usage: ,weather

Category: moderation

ban Description: Ban someone! Usage: ,ban

kick Description: Kick those bad guys! Usage: ,kick

lockdown Description: Lock a channel down! Now! Usage: ,lockdown

mute Description: Shush! Don’t let an user talk… Usage: ,mute [time]

prune Description: Clear up the chat! Usage: ,prune

unmute Description: unmute the muted! Usage: ,unmute

warn Description: Warn someone! Usage: ,warn

Category: roleplay

hug Description: Hug someone (or yourself)! Usage: ,hug [user]

kiss Description: Kiss someone (or yourself)! Usage: ,kiss [user]

Category: settings

setprefix Description: Customize the prefix! Usage: ,setprefix

settings Description: Set up your welcoming and leaving channel and messages! Usage: ,settings help

Category: utility

embed Description: Type something to let it be in an embed! Usage: ,embed

emojify Description: Look at that fancy text! Usage: ,emojify

emojilist Description: see all the emoticons! Usage: ,emojilist

giveaway Description: give something away! Usage: ,giveaway

poll Description: What does everyone think of this? Usage: ,poll

report Description: Report someone! (#reports channel needed for this) Usage: ,report


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Music Moderation Economy Logging Utility