FlameBot 🔥

Discord bot easy to use in your server Music / Mod / Fun / Games !

# Admin Commands ?lock: `to close the chat` ?unlock: `to open the chat` ?mute: `to give someone mute` ?unmute: `to give someone un mute` ?ban: `to ban someone from your server` ?kick: `to kick someone from your server` ?clear [number]: `to clear chat messages` # General Commands ?ping: `Ping Bot` ?server: `server informations` ?botinfo: `some informations about bot` ?avatar server: `to see server avatar` ?avatar **or** ?avatar @user: `to see your avatar or anyone` ?user **or** ?user @user: `informations about you or anyone` # Music Commands ?play [p]: `Play Song By Url` ?pause: `Pause Song` ?resume: `Resume Song` ?skip: `Skip Song` ?volume [v]:` Change Volume` ?np: `What Song Is Playing?` ?repeat [re]: `Repeat Song` # Games Commands ?xo @user: `to play xo game with your friend` # Fun Commands ?kiss @user: `to kiss anyone` ?hug @user: `to hug anyone` ?love @user: `to love anyone` ?slap @user: `to slap anyone` ?miss @user: `to miss anyone` ?boom @user: `to make someone embarrassing` ?sad or ?sad @user: `if you sad from someone` ``` ``` `#`**And more commands..** ✨ `#` **Thanks For Reading !** 😇