A Cool Discord Bot That Makes Your Server Better!

Vote Votes: 0 Prefix: c! Uptime: 100%

Easy To Use

There are no complicated command in this bot. You need to have iq 1 to understand these commands, It’s to easy to use like a monkey in a rocket

24/7 Online

ControlCit hosting is very amazing, It’s have she own host so it will be on 24/7, There is nothing to worry about hosting in ControlCit. It have ultimate hosting (not ultimate but It’s good)

Moderation Commands

ControlCit contains moderator commands which can be used to kick, ban, tempmute, etc. You can easily moderate your server using ControlCit.

Configuration Commands

You can configurate your server very easy to make it more beatiful like you have welcome/leave message with images, autorole system, you can even add emoji from another guild very easily with the command c!addemoji

Fun Commands

ControlCit contains fun commands like 8ball, rate, phcomment (don’t even ask BOI), rate and much more