BenjiBot is a multi-purpose Discord bot including moderation commands, commands and many more features.

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BenjiBot is a multi-purpose Discord bot that initially started as a bot with Taylor Swift themed commands. Since then, its feature set has grown to include a wide array of other features such as; moderation, saving items, support, fun commands, counting feature, and more.

When added to a server, BenjiBot will send a Quick Start guide to a random public channel in the server, that it finds.

Here is a short introduction of a few commands. (More commands can be seen by using the '.help' command)

Moderation Commands

  • purge* - Purges a set number of messages in a channel
  • kick* - Kick multiple users from a server
  • ban* - Ban mutliple users from a server
  • ban temp* - Temperaly ban a user/users from a server for a set length of time
  • unban* - Will unban a user who is currently banned in a server
  • mute* - Mute a server so they cannot send messages or speak in a server
  • mute temp* - Temperaly mute a user/users in a server for a set length of time
  • unmute* - Unmutes a user so that they can send messages or speak in a server
  • warn* - Warns a member in a server.
  • unwarn* - Unwarns a member in a server.
  • warnings* - View details about a warning that a user has recieved in the past.

Logging Commands

  • logging start* - Initialises member and/or messages logging in a server
  • logging stop* - Disables member and/or messages logging in a server. Commands

  • lyrics - Sends song lyrics to your DMs of a song of your choice or the song you are currently listening to
  • fm - Returns your most current scrobble
  • fm collage - Returns a visual representation of your most scrobbled songs/albums in a specified time period
  • fm profile- Returns details about a members profile
  • fm artists/tracks/albums - Sends a list of your most scrobbled songs/artists/albums in a specified time period

Save Commands

  • save - Saves something to the bot. Saves are dependent to a server
  • get - Returns a previously saved item
  • random - Returns a random save
  • list - Shows all approved saves in a server
  • metadata - Returns some data about a save
  • unapproved* - Shows all saves waiting to be approved
  • approve* - Approves a pending save
  • delete - Deletes a save in a server

Fun Commands

  • 8ball - Tells you the future
  • pun - Returns a random pun
  • joke - Returns a random joke
  • sponge - AlTeRnAtE tExT
  • clap - Places clap emojis inbetween words
  • meme - Returns a random meme

There are plenty of other commands such as avatar, autorole, disable, enable, tayroll etc. Use the '.help' command to find out more information. If you have any questions or feedback, please ask in our support server.

* - These commands can only be used by members of a server with moderation permissions