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A fast, easy to use, feature rich and secure moderation bot. Serving a total of over 10 guilds.



A high-performant and feature rich dashboard to make configuration a lot simpler.


ModCord is equiped with all the tools you need to protect and manage your server.


A super customizable logger with logs ranging from chat and moderation to invite, avatar and voice.


A performant automod with features ranging from minimum acc. age to join, to automatic dehoist, spam and much more.

Strike System

Feature rich strike system with custom punishments, customizable automoderator strikes and case record.

Custom Commands

Unlimited custom commands with role manipulation, target channel manipulation and dynamic elements.


Select which roles members and bots get upon joining your server.


Salute your members in their DMs and in your server channels with custom messages when they join/leave.


Lock your members from talking server-wide in middle of a raid or an unforeseen event.

Under Attack

Prevent members from joining your server in middle of a raid.

Smart Shield

Triggers under attack mode when a potential raid is detected.

Server Firewall

Detects users with malicious intents and prevents them from joining your server.