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Discord Bump is a place that allows you to showcase your server in the best light possible! You will first have to apply your server into our database and then we will accept it if we think it is ok or not to show our server your beautiful, social, music, fun server. If it is not, then good luck because you have to reapply again and fix the problems we tell you! :smile:

After that we will try our best to showcase your server to other servers and people also including our own server too. You will have this amazing tool that will help you support other people’s servers, which is called… drum roll please :drum: bumping! The more bumps a certain server gets, the more effort our little minions will put into advertising your server! You can buy premium which allows you to bump your server every 6 hours instead of 12 and the use of @here is permitted as well!

So the commands for the bot is, well here you go:

addserver : Add a server to be approved. bump : Bump a server of your choice. premium : All about premium

If you are rich and want to buy our premium mode then here is the commands for that:

nitrobump : Advertise your server every 6 hours instead of 12 + @ here ping whenever you bump!

Don’t get too excited yet, you first need to apply, so go on over and add our bot to your server today!


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