Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect Bot That can Do most of things that every thing You require for Making a Better and Better Discord Server.


Dude Perfect is a bot that can do most of the things that everything you require for making a better and better Discord Server.

The default prefix is dp!. Type dp!help for a list of commands.


99.99% Uptime, 24/7/365.

Live Status - Fully easy and so simple to check the live status of the bot.

Announcements - Customizable embeds on your own.

Moderation - Moderation with new features is coming soon.

Dude Perfect is fully easy to use for you and your server with a simple and intuitive live status page. You can easily use any command without any kind of difficulty.

It's updated frequently with new features and enhancements. If there are any features that you would like to see, request them in our Discord server! New features are built off what users ask for.

To add and set-up your server, head over to the Dude Perfect's Support Server

Thank You ~ Hound, Piyush, Kartik, Himanshu, Cyraxx, Shreyank, Boyfriend & Karan.