Blue Cat

Blue Cat is a bot inspired by Star Twinkle Precure anime.


I'm the Space Thief, Blue Cat. I've heard about one thing recently~nyan... There, on Discord, someone's collecting things called Star Color Pens. And I guessed it would be good to look into this~nyan. Who knows, maybe it's you the person who seeks for them? I don't know why, but who cares?

And, while I'm still working under improving the Pens search thing~nyan (you can start creating the teams though, just because seeking alone would be too useless), there are some features I can suggest(but, feels like they're too boring~nyan and they're already on many bots (I called this right?)): I can suggest you an idea what to do if you're bored; Or, I could help you with creating things you call "QR-code"; Also there are more features which you can see by inputting bc~help

If you don't like the prefix (or whatever it calls) you can add new one. And remove it, too.

If there'll be any problems with me, you can easily enter my support server or send a suggestion. The person who helps me with this all will look into it.