Reaction Roles

Give users roles by letting them react to your message!

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Reaction Roles

By TechnicPepijn#0995 Give users roles by letting them react to messages!

How it works?

Use ==newrr to start the setup! You can choose 3 different reaction styles for your bot!

What is comming?

Currently we are working to upgrade the bot to a new level, we like users be happy with the bot and not to be angry because those setups ARE SO ANNOYING. NO! We like to keep it simple so we are working on a web dashboard for users to create their reaction roles.

What do we do?

This reaction roles bot does the following,

  • Reaction Roles, give users roles when they react at a message
  • Clear Channels, delete all messages posted in a given channel
  • Embeds, generate embeds!
  • More to come later! Feel free to suggest features in our support server!


  • [7 may, 2020] - Released bot
  • [21 august, 2020] - Reached 200 servers

Hope to see you soon!