All-round, utility and helper bot. From moderation and polls to memes and music. Plus a little bit of sass.

Vote Votes: 1 Prefix: tk! (Can be changed) Uptime: 98%


What is Tinker?

Tinker was made to be an all-round helper bot. This means it includes commands and systems that were specifically designed to help any discord server run smoothly. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun things as well. Tinker also includes Music, memes, currency and games

Why use Tinker?

MEE6 and countless other bots exist, why should I use tinker. Simple - Tinker is a community driven project, meaning our developers only work on the systems and commands that you want. We also do not lock any features behind a paywall or votewall, all features are accessible to an extent at no cost to you! Tinker is designed by the people, for the people, with focus on simplicity, style and functionality (and a slightly sassy personality to brighten up anyones day)

We also have a wonderful support server and team that are always happy to help, along with a slowly growing, friendly community that surround the bot.

Example Commands


8ball, asciitext, bongocat, dadjoke, meme, noughtsandcrosses




announce, ban, br, clear, infractions, kick, mute, unban, unmute, userstats


botinfo, changelog, error, help, invite, perms, ping, premium, serverinfo, stats, uptime, vote




daily, inventory, pouch, work


disconnect, pause, play, queue, resume, search, skip, stop, volume


questionpoll, simplepoll

History / About

Tinker started off being a small coding challenge for me, my first bot in the complex world of Discord. The bot was originally named DevsApp and was developed to be a small personal helper bot for my programming Discord server “Devs”. From there it began to grow, turn into a small project that I was really quite enjoying.

And then it happened, the day I decided to work on this properly and produce a bot that the people of Discord could actually use. First step - Re-brand! I renamed the bot to Tinker and began working on it independently from my programming server.

I wasn’t sure where to start, I mean I had the basics of the bot working but what was it going to do, what was its purpose. But there was one thing I was absolutely certain of, I wanted to stay in-keeping with Discord’s style, professional yet… slightly sassy.

So the bot progressed with all the standard commands: help and ping, moderation, fun stuff like jokes and memes and then what I called the “messages update”. This was the moment I decided Tinker was going to be an all-rounder, a must-have for any server a better MEE6!

Yeah… I was pretty ambitious, but it gave me something to do when I was bored (as a student that was surprisingly often!).

And that almost brings you to present day, to the Tinker you know and love (or at least should know soon!) The coolest helping hand, See you around!