Small.. clean.. elegant.. Vitrolik is the only panda you want on your server! Clearchat commands to a bunch of fun little things!


Welcome to the Vitrolik Bot documentation. Here you'll find information about each command and what I actually do.

For this bot to work correctly please make sure I have permission to send links and embeds, manage texts and react with emoji's.

▸▸ ▸ User Cmds ◂ ◂◂

▸ &help [command]

▸ &coinflip

Flips a coin in chat.

▸ &define [word]

▸ &definerandom

Sends an Urban Dictionary definition, NSFW text channels only!!

▸ &weather [city]

Returns the Weather for a city.

Example: &weather Sydney

▸ &panda

Sends a random photo of a Panda.. like best command ever?

▸ &catfact

Sends a random catfact

▸ &trump

Sends a random Trump Twitter quote from a list

▸ &pokedex [ID/NAME]

Sends information about the Pokemon. This CMD is still in W.I.P BETA, expect glitches and errors. This is due to POKEAPI Complexity

▸ &me

Sends an embed with a bit of information about your Discord profile

▸ &serverinfo

Sends a bunch of basic info about the current server/guild. Still in development.

▸ &shorturl [validUrl]

Shortens a URL for you.

▸ &binary2text | &b2t

Converts binary numbers to text (NO SPACES DUE TO API LIMITATIONS)

▸ &text2binary | &t2b

Converts text to binary numbers (NO SPACES DUE TO API LIMITATIONS)

▸ &apod

Sends Astronomy Picture of the Day

▸ &ytcomment [comment]

Generates a fake youtube comment.

▸ &wasted

Recreates and sends a GTA style wasted version of your profile picture!

▸ &triggered

Recreates and sends a triggered version of your profile picture!

▸ &piglatin [text]

Converts text into pig latin.

▸ &qrcode [valid link or text]

Sends a custom QR code

▸ &chucknorris

Chuck norris jokesssss 🥰😍

▸ &bubblewrap


▸ &iss

Where is the ISS??

▸ &meme

Sends a generic meme. Soon adding searchable categorys and NSFW memes!

▸ &avatar

Quickly sends a full quality image of the users profile picture. Works with Nitro users .GIF images.

▸▸ ▸ Bot Info ◂ ◂◂

▸ &changelog | &cl | &help 5

Sends the bots current version changelog!

▸ &about

Sends an embed with information about the bot

▸ &invitebot

DM's you my invite link.

▸ &authoryt

Dm's you my YouTube channel link <3

▸ &vote

Sends a vote link <3

▸▸ ▸ Admin Cmds ◂ ◂◂

▸ &clearchat [2-99]

Clears the chat.. Will glitch out if you attempt to clear chats that are too old to delete. Remember the &clearchat line counts as one chat!

▸ &ping

Ping's the bots current connection, please only use this if the bot is being unresponsive. If the ping is averaging over 500ms please contact me!!!!

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