Mr Potato

Mr Potato is family friendly fun and useful discord bot for searching information, Minigames and more.

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Mr Potato is a multipurpose discord bot which helps you with lots of things. It has Moderation commands, minigames, math, gifs and weather systems. By adding it to your server you get to do more things which helps your users enjoy being on your server and having a great experience. With Mr Potato, by using courency commands you can buy better jobs which helps you get more money on the courency commands. For a better experience make sure you use the command *mrole which sets up the roles required for the muting commands.


Type *help or use slash command /help for a list of categories with commands


~ Moderating Commands *h.mod /hmod

~ Fun Commands * /hfun

~ Economy Commands * /hec

~ Searching And Information Commands *h.searchandinfo /hsandinfo

~ Commands With Gifs (mostly anime) *h.gif /hgif

~ Giveaway commands *h.giveaways /hgiveaways

~ Other Commands *h.other /hother

~ NoteBook Commands *h.nbook /hnb


~ Moderating Commands

*mrole *mute *unmute

*kick *ban *unban

*warn *removewarn *checkwarn

*rules *clear *role *name

~ Fun Commands

*luckym *rps *wyr *tord

*bored *8ball *meme

~ Economy Commands

*bal *dep *with

*work *daily *jdaily


~ Role Shop

*rshop *rbuy

*h.rshop *rsetup *rdisable

~ Searching And Information Commands

*gsearch *isearch *psearch *ysearch *dbsearch *robloxgame *weather

*serverinfo *whois *whois *inforole

~ Gif Commands

*hug *slap *smile *cry *dance

~ Giveaway commands

*giveaway *randomuser

~ Other Commands

*fcalc *calc *timer

*suggest *afk *addbot

~ Note Book

*nbook *note *erase