ModBot is an intuitive moderation bot for your discord servers, that is customizable using it's web dashboard!

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ModBot was created for a Minecraft server (hence the icon), but slowly got built up over time until I eventually added the Web Dashboard which made it feel complete.


  • -help {command} : get the usage of a command
  • -rules {page} : off by default
  • -warnings {@user} : get a users warnings
  • -ban {@user} {reason} : bans a user
  • -mute {@user} {reason} : perm-mutes a user
  • -prune {number} : clears that many messages from the channel
  • -tempmute {@user} {time} {reason} : temporarily mutes a user
  • -unmute {@user} : unmutes a user
  • -unwarn {@user} {warn number} : removes a warning from a user
  • -warn {@user} {reason} : warns a user, has preditermined punishments for certain amounts of warnings (do -rules 2)


Most bots keep a lot of information about your server, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access that data? Well, ModBot has an easy to use API, opt your server into the API by running the command -api on, and that’s it! Visit the API page to get more info about what it can do.

Web Dashboard

Moderation Commands

Enabling Moderation Commands allows you to use the following:

  • -warn
  • -unwarn
  • -warns
  • -mute
  • -tempmute
  • -unmute
  • -ban
  • Activate the moderation logs

Moderation logs

The moderation log is the channel where every moderation command is logged (including commands automatically run by ModBot)


By default, the -rules command is disabled. enabling it will allow you to write up a list of rules and format them however you want

Welcome messages

Similar to the rules, this is off by default. The welcome message is a DM sent to a user when they join the server.