A bot that's based for the moderation, utility, fun, server stats and much more of your discord server.

Vote Votes: 1 Prefix: t! Uptime: 100%

Check Docs for all commands


  • It can help u in moderation
    • ban, kick, mute, softban,clear,…

Server Counter System / Server Stats

  • You can setup Server Stats System or Server Counter System as dedicated Channel . Check More

Greeting System

  • You can add custom greet and leave messages even embeds are supported


  • Wanna have fun? Ship have you covered. It also plays music
    • 8ball, coinflip, notice you, dog pictures, roll a dice,anime pictures,…


  • He has useful utility commands if you need to find information!
    • userinfo, serverinfo, user avatar,… You can even Do giveaways with Tamako

Ticket Support System

  • You can setup Ticket Support System with the help of Tamako. It has a pretty powerful Ticket Support System

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • With some small fun things theres a lot you can do just to keep busy
    • calculate math functions, get weather of a place

Check A full list of Features Offered by Tamako