A Discord Bot with a funky name, but with cool features.

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Potatoe Bot is an innovative and exciting new bot which entails a variety of state-of-the-art commands, coded in a way that allows users to freely interact and enjoy spending time with the bot. One of the main selling points of our bot is the ability to reduce the amount of bots that clutter your server, by acting as a multi-functional bot which combines nearly all of your Discord needs! Potatoe bot is regularly monitored by the mods of the bot, whether it be to fix a bug or add a new feature/command! This grants users to enjoy their time with our bot 24/7, improving their day-to-day Discord experience.

How to use To see all of Potatoe Bot’s commands, run: a!help

Commands Coming Soon… On the Website :>

a!help: Shows an embed with more commands such as a!help fun, a!help music, etc.

a!profile: Shows a very detailed configurable embed with cool info about you.

These are only some of the many commands. Please do a!help to see all of them.

Support If you need help please join our support server.