HODL. Bot is the ultimate bot for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. Price alerts, charts, coin info and even a shitcoin economy.

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HODL. Bot is the ultimate bot for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. Price alerts, charts, coin info and even a shitcoin economy.

<em>The bot is mostly finished but I am still testing some new ideas and always looking for more testers to help make this bot even better, if you would like to join and help put your own stamp on the bot please do so here Join Server</em>


HODL.Bot has many features and commands and is sure to be a frequently used bot in any server it is in. HODL.Bot has charts, price alerts, a ShitCoin economy, exchange specific price details, crypto related news articles and more.

Give it a go and drop us some feedback in our discord server.

Here is a list of commands you can use.

<em>note: examples shown are using the bot’s default prefix, if you have changed it or are unsure what the prefix is in your current server you can mention the bot then add prefix to get the current server prefix!</em>


<em>DM’s you with a list of commands available to you.</em>


<em>Sets a Price alert for any pair available on most major exchanges.</em>

Usage: b.alert <exchange> <pair> <alert price>

Example: b.alert binance btc/usdt 1400


<em>Relpies with the current price information of a pair on an exchange you define.</em>

Usage: .price <exchange> <pair>

Example: .price binance btc/usdt


<em>Relpies with an image of a chart based on your input.</em>

Usage: .chart <pair>

Example: .chart btc/usd

<em>note: pairs are limited for now. I am looking into adding more to this command.</em>


<em>Responds with information about a coin or token you input. note: you must use a coin/token’s full name not symbol i.e bitcoin instead of btc</em>

Usage: .coininfo <coin/token>

Example: .coininfo cosmos


<em>Responds with a list of exchanges that you can use on the alert and price commands</em>


<em>Relpies with an image of today’s “Fear & Greed Index” by alternative.me</em>


<em>Responds with a top crypto news story from around the world today.</em>


<em>Sets the current channel to get automatic news updates based on the time you input. Can choose between 1 hour and 24 hours.</em>

Usage: .newsfeed <time in hours>

Example: .newsfeed 5


<em>Gets a quick global average price in USD using a coin or token’s symbol</em>

Usage: .qp <symbol>

Example: .qp btc

Other Commands

<em>Get ShitCoin Rich!</em>

.addbal Let’s and admin add shitcoins to a user’s balance.

.bal Shows the Shitcoin balance of you or a person you tag.

.pay Dump your bags on someone!.

<em>Miscellaneous Commands</em>

.botinfo Displays bot information

.donate Shows information on how to donate to the bot developer.

.invite Shows information on how to invite this bot to a server.

.invites Displays the top user’s with the most invites in this server!

.ping Displays the bot’s ping information.

.serverinfo Get info about the server you run this command in.

.support Shows information on how to contact the bot developer.

.userinfo Displays information about a user you tag or if left blank shows info on you.

<em>Fun Commands</em>

.moon Multiply’s your bags by a dollar value you wish they were worth!


.help Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.

.prefix Shows or sets the command prefix.

Example Usage

Some planned features:

I have plenty more commands and features planned, would love to hear people’s ideas and feedback so do please join my discord to help build a great bot together! Join Server