A simple and easy to use bot with fun commands for you to use. Including moderation, images and economy. More commands will be added soon

Vote Votes: 2 Prefix: t. Uptime: 99%

About Tropico:

Tropico's prefix is: t.

What Tropico has to offer:
- Currency system: Tropico has its own currency system which allows you to collect coins.

- Moderation: Tropico offers multiple moderation commands that allow you to warn, kick, ban members and more

- Utility: With commands such as nickname, channel, slowmode & role you can easily manage your server through simple commands

- Fun, Memes & Images: Tropico also has a wide variety of fun commands such as meme, dog, cat, fisheye and wyr. Which allow you to make your server experience more fun

- Information: Get information about members, the bot or the server