Utility Bot

Hi! I'm Utility Bot, a multifunction discord bot. I have a lot of commands and if you have a good idea for a command you can add it!

Vote Votes: 3 Prefix: stp help Uptime: 100%

Hi, I have plus of 100 commands ! Some commands to do Fun, 8ball, Dog/FunDog, Cat/FunCat, Bird/FunBird, Fox/FunFox, Noughts and Crosses, Heaads or Tails, Message, Anonyme Message, Wanted, Respect+, Slap. Some commands to do Moderation, Ban, Kick, Mute/Unmute, Clear, Warn, Delete Warns. Some commands for have informations, Ping, Uptime, UserInfo, BotInfo, ServerStats, Support, WebSites, Invite. Some commands to customize Utility Bot for your server, SetPrefix, SetWelcome, SetBye, SetLogs, SetLang And if you see a bug on Utility Bot you can report it ! To improve Utility Bot. And still a lot of orders that come with time, Nsfw, Music, Ticket...