Commands that play different animal noises in a voice channel. Fun bot to mess with your friends! Plenty of barnyard noises to go around πŸ„

Vote Votes: 85 Prefix: b! Uptime: 100%

Barn Yard

A Discord bot that plays different animal noises in a voice channel. It’s as simple as that!

Get ready to moo your friends and cockadoodledoo your peers in the Barnyard! Have a friend who’s been talking about some boring thing for what feels like forever? Run the all sounds command to change the mood! πŸ˜‰

Enjoy trolling your friends with many different sounds!

(More fun animals being added as support for the bot rises! Be sure to show how you’re liking the bot by giving it a vote or leaving feedback in the review section!)

Current Animals Supported:

Cow πŸ„ => Moo

Duck πŸ¦† => Quack

Pig πŸ– => Oink

Horse 🐎 => Naaaae

Sheep πŸ‘ => Baaah

Goat 🐐 => Bleat

Rooster πŸ“ => Cockadoodledoo

Monkey πŸ’ => monkey noises (Background information: Monkies came an invaded the farm and now they are here 😳)

Run b!help in your server to view the most updated list of commands! In most cases, the command with be b!<animal name>

not affiliated with the movie Barnyard