Fun and Moderating commands can be found in Eggbot, moderate a server while you and the other members have moments of fun with Eggbot's commands

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  • What does Eggbot do?

Can be used as a fun bot, or a moderating bot, apart of doing egg stuff

  • How to use Eggbot

Some of its commands will only require you to type it to work, others will ask you for some feature, such as some word.

  • Examples

Only the command ¦ “-helpegg” Command and something else ¦ “-sendm Hi Everyone”

  • Fun Command Categories

Simple Commands Help Commands Fun commands Informative commands

Fun Commands Count - 50

Aside from the fun commands, Eggbot also includes moderation. The moderation commands will only be able for the moderators of the server.

  • Moderation

Kick users Ban users Change username Create multiple things ( Polls, channels, custom message… ) And more

Moderation Commands Count - 12

Command Count - 74

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