BruhBot has Many Useful and Fun Commands, like Create Meme and Dice that rolls up to 68 dices!

Vote Votes: 103 Prefix: Bruh,

You can Vote for us Here and Receive Some BruhCoins!

To get the list of commands type “Bruh, Help”.

We are Working on a Brand New Web Dashboard so Stay Tuned!

Fun: BruhBot has many fun commands like: Bruh, Wide; Bruh, Hack; Bruh, Kill and more!

Moderation: Bruh, Kick; Bruh, Ban; Bruh, slowmode and several more!

Tools: BruhBot has many tools, example: Bruh, Calculate; Bruh, Pin; Bruh, Search; Bruh, User Info and more!

The bot gets more commands every week!

The bot is 100% free!

It has very good uptime!

It is being used in 5400 servers and growing!