Lava Jukebox

Listen to your favorite tunes from multiple sources including Spotify, Apple, Facebook, Deezer with the best & unique music, moderation & economy cmds

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Need a bot that has all premium features free?? Well Lava Jukebox got you covered with a lot of features also its one of the best bot that has the best music quality, though you must look out for your voice connection because if its not stable then you’ll experience sticking, We ensure that there is always enough capacity for every server to get the highest music quality possible! And much much more to discover! Here is some of my favorite features below they are categorized.

Fun Commands

start, balance, coin-flip, daily, deposit, leaderboard, pay, roulette, withdraw , &MORE There are more commands, invite the bot and use command /help for more info. Here’s some useful sites:

  1. - This site you’ll find all Lava Jukebox’s Live statuses.
  2. - This site you’ll find more information about the bot.

If any issues with the bot I recommend you reporting them so I can improve also if you want me to add a feature please tell me so I can add it. Without feedback I cannot know what’s going on with the bot.