AIMod uses machine learning to automatically process reported messages on your server.

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Meet AIMod

AIMod uses machine learning to automatically process reported messages on your server.


AIMod is a completely new idea when it comes to moderating your server. Most moderation bots do one or more of three things:

  • Moderation Commands - The bot might provide a suite of moderation commands, such as banning, kicking, and muting. They have various additional features, from logging to giving reasons to allowing appeals.
  • Automod - Other bots might be automods. They will read every message that is sent and automatically delete or censor it if it meets certain criteria.
  • Report System - There’s also moderation bots that allow users to report each other and get their reports added to a queue for the mods to see and then act on.

Okay, that’s all great, but what’s so special about AIMod?

AIMod is sort of a combination of the last two types - it’s a mix of an automod and a report system. That doesn’t mean that AIMod is an automod that happens to have a report command! Instead, when a user reports a message, AIMod will then run that message through a machine learning algorithm to see if it should be deleted, and will then act on that decision and alert anyone involved. This has several advantages:

  • Less “false positives” - A false positive is an issue that many automod bots have, where they will mistake a message that is perfectly acceptable as inappropriate for the server and delete it. While this can still happen with AIMod, it still keeps the human aspect of an automod- a message needs to be reported before AIMod can act on it. Odds are, only messages that are <em>genuinely</em> bad will be reported, and any appropriate messages that are just randomly reported as spam will be left as-is.
  • No flooded report queues - A common issue with ordinary report-centric bots is that report queues can get flooded with reports that humans then need to review. AIMod won’t concern your moderators with anything they don’t need to worry about, it will go through it’s queue on it’s own without any help.
  • Faster turnaround time - A report with an ordinary bot may take days to be reviewed, but AIMod will review reports quickly, usually in a matter of seconds. No more rude messages sitting around in the chat for days!

Anything else to tell me?

In addition to all of that, AIMod is under constant development, with the code being updated almost daily and a goal to make a major update every month. (We’ll see how long that holds out!) If you have an idea, fell free to suggest it!

With everything you know now, what is stopping your from inviting AIMod?


If you’re interested in contributing to the AIMod project, please visit the AIMod GitHub Repository and read the AIMod Contributing Guidelines!

Easy Ways you can Contribute

If you want to contribute to AIMod in a very easy way, you can do one (or more!) of the following things:

  • VOTE for AIMod on a bot list site: Discord Labs -
  • STAR the AIMod GitHub Repository
  • ADD the bot to your server


If you need support, please join our official support server at!

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