a all purpose discord bot meant to eradicate all other bots from your server

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Hello, im Krypto one of the management personnel and close friend of Zenitsu(the head dev). And today I will be talking about the many uses(and more to come) of ARK.

ARK is a multi purpose bot mostly used for easy moderation. But that does not mean that ARK cant be fun, ARK comprises of many commands for leisurely use. (meme, binary, animequote, anime, manga etc.). Here at ARK, interface comes before anything else.

We couldn’t have become verified without our trusty and smart devs, a special mention to BloodRogue. Who spent most of his time helping our bot reach its pinnacle.

How do I add ARK to my server? easy join our support server( and the link should be there. Simplicity Redefined, We Are ARK