Bazaar Statistics

A bot for viewing information about specific items from the hypixel skyblock bazaar.

Vote Votes: 0 Prefix: + Uptime: 99%

Hypixel Bazaar Statistics


This bot allows you to view LIVE buy & sell orders for anything the bazaar has. Allows you to see some other information like the amount of sell & buy orders, how much of the item the buy/sell orders want/are selling in total, advanced stats that update everytime the bot is used, etc etc . Bot is still being updated constantly!


Prefix: + (Prefix is customizable)

The bot has a few commands, in order to see all of them simply do +help and the bot will dm you all the information you need to start using it immediately!


+help - to view all commands.

+bazaar help - Main command of the bot, allows you to view bazaar information through discord.


+stats help - Allows you to view different stats about a player.


+auctions help - Allows you to search up an item on the auction house through discord.


These images may be outdated as the bot is constantly updated.


There are many ways you can contact me, you can add me as a friend then dm me, you can join the support server or you can use the +feedback command that the bot comes with!