A fun Discord bot that lets you play games like mafia, chess, and connect four with your friends, all packed into one Discord bot!

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CocoBot is your all in one discord bot! It contains multiple advanced features, including custom role configurations, filtering, ranking system, and more! CocoBot is perfect for cutting down that long list of bots to only one.
Are you bored and want to play a quick game? It has multiple games, including tic tac toe, chess, connect four, rock paper scissors, mafia, and more to come!
Tired of watching people abuse your bot? CocoBot has a per-server blacklist system to prevent someone from using any command!
Its role configuration allows moderators to permit members with certain roles to assign/remove roles, so that members don't need the Manage Roles permission, which is a dangerous permission to grant.
Need help with homework? CocoBot can solve simple expressions and even factor trinomials for you!
It's intuitive translation command can translate text to any language!
CocoBot has a simple yet powerful ranking system that engages members to be more active!
Are you bored and want to listen to some music? We've got your back covered! With no lag and 99.9% uptime, you can sit back and relax to music!
Invite CocoBot today!

Once you invite CocoBot to your server, use `c>help` to get started.
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