An easy-to-use leveling bot with leaderboard, custom banners, prestige roles, unlockable emojis, multipliers and configurable restrictions.

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Levely is an advanced leveling discord bot, allowing Server Owners and Admins to fully manage and customize a comprehensive leveling system in their own discord guild. It has many delightful features including prestige roles, unlockable emojis and multiplier roles. Levely also has among other features like the ability to customize a banner with configurable fonts and colors.

[p]help can always be used to display all of the available commands

User Commands:

[p]xp - Check your level, xp and place in the leaderboard.
[p]leaderboard - Displays top 3 members.
[p]unlocks - Check what roles & emojis you can unlock.
[p]premium - View if the server currently has premium.
[p]invite - Invite the bot to your server.

Admin Commands:

[p]setadmin - Set the Admin role for your server.
[p]config - A group of commands to configure the bots features.
[p]serverinfo - View info about the server.
[p]prefix - Set a custom prefix for the server.
[p]manage - Manage or reset members levels & xp.

Config Sub-commands:

[p]config announcements - Set the channel where level-ups are announced.
[p]config banners - Manage custom banners for levels.
[p]config fonts - Manage custom fonts for the banners.
[p]config prestiges - Create, view or remove unlockable roles.
[p]config emojis - Add, view or remove unlockable emojis.
[p]config multipliers - Add, remove or view xp multiplier roles.
[p]config restrictions - Manage blacklisted users, roles & channels. \

[p] is the bots custom prefix. By default the prefix is !