Let me take you to the moon with all the features I have! Infractions System | Reminders | Multi-Language | Tags system


What can I be used for?

Lua can be used for moderating your server, help you while managing your server, or even sending cute dogs image!

Inviting Lua

Click here to add me in your server. Take note that you need the permission "Manage Guild" in order to invite me to your server.


Lua is a multi-purpose that has much to over, with it's easy and useful utility commands, useful moderation commands to help you keep your server in check, and much more.


If you have any questions about Lua or need assistance, you can head over to our Support Server and our team will try to help you with your problem!

Getting started

When you add me to your server, the first thing you should do is take a look at my commands! To view a list of all my commands type .help.