20+ Languages, Entertainment, Minigames, Custom Trivia, Auto Voice Channels, Anti-Pings, Looking For Group Roles, Utility & More!

Vote Votes: 122 Prefix: m! or @Magic8 Servers: 952 Uptime: 99%

General Overview

Magic8 comes with numerous ways to entertain and freshen your server. There are a variety of settings so you can control what your users can do with Magic8. A few tools are also given that are not seen as often in other bots. The default prefix is m! (@mentioning the bot always work too) but can be changed at any time using m!prefix. In case you forget your prefix or need quick assistance, you can @Magic8 for a quick help message.

Unique Functionality

  • 20+ languages, open sourced
  • No cooldowns on any command
  • Restrict categories to specific channels
  • Enable or disable any command
  • No silent errors
  • Always online 24/7


Only the <em>italicized</em> permissions are completely required at all times. All other permissions are optional but will prevent your server from using the features said.

Add Reactions - Required for a few games (tictactoe, connect4)

Attach Files - Required for text makers (supreme)

<em>Embed Links</em> - Required for help menus and nearly all messages

Manage Messages - Required for clear command and auto delete user messages when running specific commands

Manage Server - Required for the Fake Ping command

Manage Roles - Required for the Looking For Group system

<em>Read/Send Messages</em> - Required at all times

<em>Use External Emojis</em> - Required for Magic8’s custom emojis

These permissions can be given to Magic8, or for the category selected for Auto Voice Channels

Manage Channel - Required for Auto Voice Channels

Move Members - Required for Auto Voice Channels