MeLLo is a bot with Moderation, Utility, Logging, Verification, Tickets, Covid-19 Information, mathematics, reaction roles, and a lot more.

Vote Votes: 13 Prefix: - <or customizable> Uptime: 100%

Modules: Utility;Moderation;Administration;Configuration;Ticketing;Logging;Autoroles;ReactionRoles(coming soon);Custom messages!;Giveaway(coming soon)

As we make changes, and work on a pretty major update, we encourage you to donate. All funds from this patreon will go directly into MeLLo’s development, hosting, and payments, nothing else. So consider donating today to get a special VIP/donator role, and some premium MeLLo features! If you’re not in the discord, join today:

To get more information on commands go to our website.