Time Table

A simple Discord bot, used for scheduling your appointments, no matter if you use Discord for education, school, events or anything else.

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Welcome to Time Table!

Hello, and welcome to Time Table! Time Table is a Discord bot that is used for simple time tables and easy appointments, no matter if you use Discord for a team-project or your classroom. Plan some events in the future, add them together with other people to a list, and always have them overviewable with you.

The principe

Time Table creates a simple Time Table on your guild, that can be accessed at any time. To edit the appointments, you need to be the server admin, or you need to be able to manage messages. You can also grant permissions to people to use a command. Time Table also automatically removes appointments, when their date is passed.


  • tt - Shows your time table on your server, up-to-date and sorted by time.
  • tt add <date> <name> - Creates a new entry for the time table.
  • tt remove <index/all> - Removes an entry on a specific index. Aliases: rm, delete, cancel
  • tt next - Show the chronological next event in the Time Table.
  • tt grant <edit/read> <all/@User> - Set edit permission for all users or a specific user for the Time Table.
  • tt backup <create/restore> - Create/Load a backup with the current/saved appointments, that you can restore your appointments, if someone messes up.

If you need any help, feel free to contact Toby#9857 on Discord with your issue. The bot is also guaranting a high uptime, and gets updated regularly.